Carol Lois Haywood

Contact Info:

home: 655 Mariposa Ave #7, Mountain View, CA 94041

studio: 1150 Chestnut Street, Menlo Park, CA 94025

phone: (650) 210-8514



Visual Artist

marine artist, painting local fishing boats and landscapes


Mirth Berthed

Crab For Sale

High Noon, Low Tide


Since I began painting local fishing boats, I have become passionate about this elusive subject. The white, wooden Monterey-type fishing boat is about to disappear. Not only to be replaced by metal or fiberglass types, but to vanish completely. So too the occupation and way of life for the fishing crews using it for the past 150 years. I feel I am caught up in an important historical project, to record these boats before they disappear. But even stronger is my love of creating art, focused on fascinating aspects of their color, shape, texture, movement.

The effects of light and air near the ocean create a constantly changing atmosphere for my chosen subject, and such phenomena continue to intrigue me. This approach places me in the tradition of 19th-century American luminism. I love to focus on patterns of shape and shadow as well as on expressive color.

To produce my transparent watercolor paintings, I use outdoor sketches, my own photography, and an extensive studio finishing process. A sketch comes first and a plan for each picture with notes about color, value, texture, weather, composition, mood, etc. Later I outline large shapes with pencil on on special watercolor paper. After dampening the paper, I lay down color washes to represent the ambient light. Mostly transparent-staining pigments are my choice to achieve the luminous look I want. As the paper dries, I paint in large basic shapes. Later come darker accent shapes and strokes to bring out structure and texture.

This involved process usually takes about a week from start to finish.


John Herron Art Institute, Indianapolis, Indiana 

Shortridge High School, Indianapolis, Indiana   



American Society of Marine Artists

Solo Shows

Bank of Petaluma (Petaluma, CA) 2004;
Blue Mango Thai Restaurant (San Jose, CA) 2005
Worldwide Chiropractic (Millbrae, CA) 2005

Juried Shows

Sonoma County Fair (Santa Rosa, CA) 2000-2003
The Annual Aqua Areas (Santa Rosa, CA) 2000-2004
Sonoma-Marin Fair (Petaluma, CA) 1999-2004
American Society of Marine Artists 2004 Show, Coos Art Museum (Coos Bay, OR)
Los Altos Village (CA) Art Walk 2005
Fish Follies Art Show 2005
Cordova Historical Museum (Cordova, AL) 2005



3 covers of Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, 2003-2005
2005 /Art Calendar/, Dowagiac (MI) Art Guild
Mountain View Voice/, 2005
Los Altos Town Crier/, 2005

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